Donate for our Raffle!

Donations for Raffle!

GIGANTIC sequins is nearly available! We have gone off to press and are tingling with anticipation for our magazine to be out!

Meanwhile, we are busy planning our two release parties! Our New York release is on 4/25 and our Boston release is on 4/28. In the spirit of our first bash, we have decided again to have a raffle at each event!

What we need, though, is stuff to raffle off! We are accepting donations for the raffle at this time. If you run a business or a non-profit, a small press, a magazine of your own, a venue, a bookstore, a coffeeshop, etc! and would like to donate something small for us to include in our Grand Prize at one of our raffles (in either New York or Boston) please contact us at [ ].

We are offering to run an ad for you on the links pages of our website if you do decide to donate something to us.

Let us know soon!
GS editors


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