Gigantic Sequins 2.1 :: preparing for…

Dear Gigantic Sequins followers and enthusiasts,

We are preparing to go to print for our 2.1 issue. Pending the release of money from others into the pockets of us into the pockets of Unicorn Graphics, our 2.1 issue will turn from pixels on a screen to ink on a page.

We are proud to feature the following writers in our 2.1 issue, which we hope will be out in early fall 2010:

Tom Laskow / Anne Marie Rooney / Jeremy Schmall / F. Daniel Rzicznek // Ian Carlos Crawford / Alayna Frankenberry / Alicia Case / Darren Frey / Adam Moorad // Mark DeCarteret / Erik T. Johnson / Howie Good / Elizabeth Hoover

We are also glad to be showcasing art and comics from the following artists:

Marek Danielewski / shoney lamar / Samuel Ferri

Please stay tuned to this website for more information regarding our upcoming fundraising campaigns. To show your support, subscribe or buy a copy of our current issue today! You can also find us on facebook for more updates.


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