Exciting Gigantic Sequins News

Newsfeed for September 2010

…Our Fall 2010 Fundraiser is in the form of a raffle. RAFFLE ME BAFFLE ME is almost thru accepting donations. Check back soon, we will have a list of the prize packages you can win and the raffle tickets available for sale!

…We hope to publish our 2.1 issue with Kimberly Ann Southwick as editor in chief, Sophie Klahr as poetry editor and Jordan M. Tavenner as designer in OCTOBER 2010.

…For our 2.2 issue, most of our contributors have been notified. If you have yet to be notified, we will notify you very soon. Gigantic Sequins 2.2 is scheduled to be published in SPRING 2011.

…We hope to reopen submissions for our 3.1 issue with new submission guidelines available shortly after the publication of our 2.1 issue.

…We have promoted Zach Yontz to be our fiction editor for issue 3.1.


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