1) What can I win?

You can win one of FIVE prizes. Our sponsors are listed below. ALL of our prizes were provided by our sponsors, so click around to see how great they are!

Our GRAND PRIZE consists of the following:
+complete collection of the publications from Wave Books in 2010
+bag, book & change purse from ModCloth
+shirt, LP, CD & buttons from Anna Vogelzang
+CD from Christine Lyons
+novel by Tao Lin
+EP by shoney lamar & the equal rights w/ exclusive art by shoney
+book of poems by Peter Jay Shippy & book of short-short stories from Rose Metal Press
+chapbook by Paul Siegell from Splitleaves Press
+original movie poster from “Little Miss Sunshine”
+exclusive collaborative chapbook by James Yeh & Andrew Bulger
+and, of course, copies of Gigantic Sequins 1.2 & 1.1

AND MORE! See our sponsors below for what you have in store for if you win won of the other four prizes we are including. No shipping or handling will be charged to you– your raffle ticket purchase covers this!

(and hey, if you’re a die-hard GS fan and already have our issues, you can distribute the ones you win to a friend!)

2) How do I win?

You buy raffle tickets HERE. You will receive an email from Gigantic Sequins that will confirm your tickets, their numbers and how many you bought. As it goes with any raffle, the more tickets you buy, the better chance you have to win. This has been proven in the past. BUT if you can’t afford but one ticket, well, you definitely STILL have a change to win one of these fabulous five prize packages that us and our sponsors are offering! So throw in the money.

You also can buy tickets from our editors in person at our events.

3) How much is each ticket?

Each ticket is $5.00 OR 5 for $15.00 OR 10 for $20.00. WOW. Buy them HERE.

4) When will I know if I won?

Gigantic Sequins is allowing this raffle to run the course of October. OUR GOAL: to have enough money to get our 2.1 issue printed. We are going to print this month, and when we have enough money, we can hit the stacks. So buy those tickets! We will be drawing the winners on All Soul’s Day via video. You don’t want to miss it. If you’ve won, you will be contacted via email. Enter once and then find $20.00 lying on the ground and want to put it to a good cause? Enter again!

5) How do I find out more about Gigantic Sequins?

Why, you check our official website occasionally! Here is the link:http://giganticmagazine.wordpress.com/

6) What am I waiting for?

We’re not sure. Click here to buy tickets for our Fall 2010 RAFFLE ME BAFFLE ME contest! But be sure to scroll down and check out our sponsors’ sites, first!

IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, we are extremely grateful for…



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