Gigantic Thanks to…

Gigantic Sequins would like to take this time to thank…

DAVID KIRSCHENBAUM of Boog City for hosting the d.a. levy lives readings series at ACA Galleries in late October with Gigantic Sequins contributors reading. Pictures will be up from this event soon.

EVERYONE WHO HAS THUS FAR ENTERED OUR RAFFLE. You have a few days left if you are not one of these people yet. We will have our final drawing on November 1st. You can win fabulous prizes. Enter now before it’s too late!

Nicolle Elizabeth, Fictionaut blogger, for interviewing our editor in chief and blogging about it. Here ye, here ye, read the interview fresh off the press today!

Leigh Phillips, Evan Ross Burton & Geoffrey Cruikshank-Hagenbuckle for reading at our NYC event with Boog City.

Christopher Paul Stelling for playing his fantastic songs at our NYC event with Boog City.

And, last but not least, Ian Carlos Crawford, whose creative non-fiction will be featured in the forthcoming 2.1 issue of Gigantic Sequins before the end of the year, for photographing our NYC event with Boog City. Keep up with him via his tumblr.

GIGANTIC THANKS to all. Be sure to be included in this list by entering our raffle before it’s too late! Be sure to check back soon for our video drawing of the winners!


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