The End of a Submission Period, and other notes

Gigantic Sequins submission period has now ended. Now give us all of your money!!! Okay, not yet. Read more first. Let’s first mention that we are still open for ART & COMICS submissions, and we will continue to be open for art most likely indefinitely. (We don’t like to talk in extremes here at GS). This very-much-extended open period is because we do not get as many art submissions as we do writing submissions. Send your artist friends to us year round, or submit your own art to our magazine. Scroll down to get a sense of our aesthetic, for some of our cover images are in the posts below.

Now, back to our unprecedeneted demand. We don’t want all of your money, just some of it. We, of course, need our friends to donate money to help the funding of our next issue. Donate and become a Friend of Gigantic Sequins today! We will have a raffle and other online fundraising events coming up soon, but why not be generous today? Think about it. Then, do it.

We also would like to note that one of our contributors, from issue 1.2, has a new book out! Kathleen Rooney has a book of poems, After Robinson Has Gone, that you should check out as soon as you can. It’s being released by Greying Ghost Press, and it’s only $7.50. The poems are “based on the life and mysterious disappearance of poet Weldon Kees”, the website for the book tells us. Our editor in chief is rather excited to get her hands on it, and we think that you should pick up a copy, too. Each chapbook has a unique cover! Here’s an example of one:

That’s all for mid-February! Look for information about our upcoming 2.2 issue, which we hope to be able to put out late this spring/early summer. Thanks as always for your attention and support.


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