Getting in Gear for our Spring Raffle

Gigantic Sequins loves raffles. We love them because not only do we love giving away prizes that amount to well more than the price of a raffle ticket, but we love promoting other great projects and art that others are promoting. We are now collecting donations for our Spring Raffle

In exchange for your generous donation, you will receive mention on all raffle-related publicity. We promote our raffle both on the web and in a variety of print forms in the cities where our staff is spread, mostly Chicago, Philadelphia and Houston, though we have people in other cities who love to help us. Additionally, we’ll add a link of your choosing to our website and in our web-based promotions geared towards the raffle. Donating to us not only puts your work into the hands of another, but it also helps to spread the word about what you do.

We are accepting donations for our upcoming spring raffle from now until 4/15, and we would love to include your art/book/music/magazine/etc. in our prize pot! Email us at for the address where you can send your donation, and be sure to mention where we should link to you. Please also direct any questions or comments to that email address.

We would love to donate things to your raffle, so feel free to contact us about that at any point during the year.

Here is a link to one of our past raffles, if you’re interested in checking out how we ran the last one. Thanks!