Be Our Friend! Gigantic Sequins Fall 2011 Friend Drive

As you may know, one of the more difficult things for a literary arts journal, or any artistic endeavor, is funding. Gigantic Sequins would love it if you could help us with this, no matter how small the amount you can give is. We hope that you will join us in achieving our fundraising goals.

 Please visit our Become a Friend page if you would like to make an online donation.

 The website above is limited to suggested amounts. If you would like to donate a different amount, please email and let us know how much you would like to donate. We will gladly accommodate your generosity in any amount.

 As a Friend, your name will be listed in our 3.1 issue (if you wish for it not to be, email us to let us know and we will list you anonymously), and you also will receive a complimentary copy of the journal when it is released.

If you can’t afford to be our friend, but would still like to help, you may purchase a copy of our 2.2 issue or a past issue or forward this message to your friends or family who may be interested. Every little bit helps! Gigantic Sequins will be at Pete’s Mini Zine Fest this Sunday, so stop by and browse a copy there if you’d like. See the previous post on this site for more information, or check out our Events page.

Thank you for your time and generosity!