Submissions Opening! Latest Email!

Our open submissions period is from NOVEMBER 1 – FEBRUARY 1! Hey wait… isn’t it October 31st? It is! That means submissions are opening in LESS than 24 hours! We are always open for art & comics, but now is when we are open for you to send us your best writing: poetry, fiction, essays, etc. Do you do hybrid genres? We love them, too! Specify your genre… do you prefer for your poem to be read as a prose poem? Your fiction as a short-short? We want to know. Visit our submissions page for more information or go straight to our submishmash account to send us your best work— starting tomorrow!

That’s about all the excitement we can take in a day… but we also need to announce that we sent out our October email today. Not on our mailing list? We promise to only send out ONE email per month. No tricks… only treats! Sign up to be sure that your in-box receives its one email from GS per month. Scan the QR code below to see our most recent email.