New in 2012

Hello all! We have some things here at Gigantic Sequins that are new for 2012!

1) Dig our website’s new layout! We like it. We also know now what our site looks like on an iPad. We think it’s snazzy. See the photo below, or check us out on your own iPad!

2) We created some GS merchandise that features our logo as Kickstarter rewards, but we also printed some extra in case any of our fans wanted any! This is a test run– if people like and buy what we have of the merchandise, we’ll be sure to quickly order more for the year. Below, you can see our editor in chief modeling the GS totebag and also a Ladies-sized shirt, and we also have a guest modeling the Men’s medium-sized shirt. We have the new Gigantic Sequins Store set up via our Editor in chief’s blog. Check out our store!

3) We look forward to bringing you issue 3.2 later this spring/summer, and we hope that you are considering sending us your best creative non-fiction, culture essays, short stories, flash fiction, poetry, lyric essays, comics and black & white art before our submissions deadline, 2.1.12. Visit our Submit page for more information on what we look for and our submishmash page to send us your best work. We look forward to reviewing your work and getting back to you soon!

4) We have events planned already between now and April! First, we have a reading to celebrate the recent release of issue 3.1 at Trident Booksellers & Cafe in Boston on Thursday, February 23rd. The week after that is AWP in Chicago! We couldn’t be more excited to be there, sharing a table at the bookfair with our friends at Big Lucks. We have a reading on Saturday, March 3rd with them as well as with Rose Metal Press, Knee-Jerk, and Magic Helicopter Press. We hope to run into you in Chicago that week, and we especially hope to see you stop by our table or our reading. Finally, we’ll be attending the Brooklyn Zine Fest in April on Sunday the 15th. We hope also to be at the Houston Indie Book Fest on April 14th, celebrate 3.1 at a Houston bookstore, and secure a reading in NYC/Philly to do the same, soon. Check out our Events page or join our mailing list to keep up with us in 2012. We’re busy– and happy about that.