Select Poems Archived Online for your Perusal

We are pleased to announce that we have a select number of poems up on our Archives page. We still are adamant about being a print magazine, but we want to offer people who do not have easy access to a copy of our magazine a chance to see a few examples of what we like to publish. We hope that by doing this we will encourage writers to submit their work to us. In addition, we hope that readers who like what they say will consider purchasing a copy of our journal by buying one from our online store or from a bookstore, or by attending one of our events. So far we only have up poetry, but we should have, again, a select number of works in other genres.

Please visit the archives page to read a poem by Natasha Kessler and two by Joseph Calavenna. You also can peruse two poems from our 2.1 issue, one by Elizabeth Hoover and  the other by Anne Marie Rooney.