AWP Recap

Hello all! We had such a blast at AWP in Chicago that we don’t have too much to say about it besides that. We enjoyed meeting contributors whose faces we never put names to before, talking to any new friends and fans, throwing sequins at and around our table/friends from Big Lucks/passerby, and finally, we enjoyed all of the readings/panels we attended, on-site and on-site. Check out videos from our only off-site reading, BEFORE WE GO, below. There were readers from Knee-Jerk, Rose Metal Press, Big Lucks and Magic Helicopter Press as well, who were great.

These are from Saturday 3/3 at Beauty Bar. Our EIC, Kimberly Ann Southwick, took the footage on her phone, so the video quality is at times shaky, but most importantly, you can hear our poets loud and clear. Enjoy!

First, here is Amanda Auchter.

Secondly, we have Matthew Siegel!

And finally, though Christie Ann Reynolds read for our friends Big Lucks, we have her reading, also.