Issue 3.2 Available Now for Pre-order!

Tonight, we’re announcing that issue 3.2 of Gigantic Sequins is available for pre-order. This is our 6th issue ever, and we’re super excited to see it in print.

Additionally, you’re invited to watch our first ever issue video trailer! Ever wondered how something you’re reading or have written may sound when someone else reads it? We did! Being so in love with our forthcoming issue, we decided to record people reading excerpts from 3.2 to share what parts of the issue might sound like if you were in their heads, reading along. To make this listening experience more enjoyable, we paired each short excerpt with a video clip.

This voice project soon became first ever trailer. Please enjoy the video and voices. If you like what you hear, pre-order our 3.2 issue! We can’t wait for it to come back from the designer & publisher so that we can mail it out to our contributors, and hopefully to you, too. It should be ready in late June/early July.

Thanks to all of our voices in this video, including Adam Robinson, Corey Ershow, Daniel Short, Katharine Hargreaves, Adam Gutbezahl, Kirsten Burkhardt, Kaitlin Hefferon, Kari Reed, Essam Abdallah, Billy Kennedy, Geoff Thompson, Desiree Casimiro, shoney lamar, Mohammad Selim, Christine Gosnay, Sara Elizabeth Grossman, Matt Hovern, Evan Ross Burton, and our wonderful designer, Shereen Adel.

Special thanks, also,  to all of our contributors who allowed us to pair their excerpts with a voice other than theirs and a “random video clip” as we put it in our email to them!

Want to be a part of our next issue so as to be part of this excitement in, oh, around 6 months-ish? Send us your best work today, and be sure to consider entering our 1st annual contest.