Philadelphia Sculpture Gym & Gigantic Sequins present…

As we wind down our open period for the summer with submissions closing on SEPTEMBER 1ST, we’re thrilled to announce a Philly-based collaboration with Philadelphia Sculpture Gym, a hip gallery/studio/workshop space in the Fishtown area.


The project, IMPOSSIBLE BOOKS, is a gallery show scheduled to run February 1-March 1. It aims to connect area writers & artists and is open for submissions from local visual artists, writers, teams of visuals artist/writer between SEPTEMBER 1ST & NOVEMBER 1ST.  There is no entry fee to submit your idea/desire to exhibit. Here’s more about it from the Sculpture Gym’s page:

This exhibition will explore the relationship between sculpture and physical printed matter by inviting writers and sculptors to collaborate on building—and writing elements of—an impossible book.

Read the full project description here.       Enter (starting on 9/1) here!