Open Staff Positions at GS

Gigantic Sequins is growing, and we’re looking for a Web Content Coordinator interested in helping maintain and possibly expand our web presence, a Guest Designer for our 5.1 issue who wants experience or to flaunt their experience designing an issue of our journal, and Readers to help us sort through our submissions.



GUEST DESIGNER — Every other issue, GS welcomes a GUEST DESIGNER on board. This year, we’re looking for someone specifically in the Bay Area. Check out this Craigslist posting for more details. We hope to score someone by 9/15.

WEB CONTENT COORDINATOR — We’re looking to have someone gather the data for our SHINY FAMILY as well as work with our editors on how to expand our SPOTLIGHTS page into something that generates more interest from GS fans and web pedestrians. Deadline to apply is 9/30.

READERS — We’re always on the lookout for lovers of GS who want to help us read the submissions that come in to us. Votes from readers often influence our editors’ decisions on what to print in the journal, and therefore play a key role in what we do. Senior readers are considered first for open staff and editor positions. We accept applications from potential readers year round, but right now is a great time to tell us you’re interested since we’re between open submissions periods. Email us five reasons why we should consider you for this position.