5.1 Cover Artist & Pre-orders!

You can now pre-order our amazing 5.1 issue! We are offering FREE SHIPPING to those of you who get your orders in before the end of the year. Pre-order now through Jan. 1st to enjoy this limited time offer.

We’re also very happy to announce that Drew Falchetta is our 5.1 cover artist. Drew’s water colors are out of this world, and it’s especially a great time of year for his work… his holiday greeting cards are as unique as they come. Though we don’t have a finale version of the cover yet, here’s a sneak preview of the art we’re using… covered in question marks…

Issue 5.1

You might notice something different about our 5.1 issue— that we’ve raised the base price from $5.00 to $7.50. Our EIC addresses our reasons for doing so within the issue, but we hope that you note we still have kept the journal at an affordable price.