Writing Prompt Week! Monday: Matthew Zapruder

This week, I’ve asked some authors who are special to me to contribute writing prompts to the Gigantic Sequins blog. Today’s contributor is Matthew Zapruder, a poet who does the plain-spoken conversational poem a great deal of justice. His work is present, playful and contemplative without being glib – I admire how easy he makes it seem. Matthew also an editor at Wave Books, a great press that has been super kind to GS, donating books to us many times for contest prizes. Kindness. Make sure that you go get Matthew Zapruder’s newest collection, SUN BEAR, published by Copper Canyon Press.  Many thanks to Matthew,and happy writing !!  —- Sophie Klahr, poetry editor 



• before reading the following poems by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, write 3 titles for each poem that are imitations of each of them (so you will have a total of 24 titles). Feel free to make them completely goofy or ridiculous, the more exaggerated the imitation the better.

————— The Eolian Harp

————— Reflections on having left a Place of Retirement

————— This Lime-Tree Bower my Prison

————— Frost at Midnight

————— Fears in Solitude

————— The Nightingale: A Conversation Poem

————— Dejection: An Ode

————— To William Wordsworth

• write a first line for each title

• write a last line for each title 

• read the 8 poems by Coleridge (all easily available online)

• go back and choose the most promising title, or write a new one, and then use as many of the remaining lines and titles to write a poem that is addressed (either explicitly or without mentioning it) to a good friend you see fairly often, but not every day. It may help to imagine going on a walk with this person. 



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