Writing Prompt Week! Saturday: Noelle Kocot

Here is the last installment of writing prompt week. Our contributing author is Noelle Kocot, whose work is slightly off and therefore always on. I don’t know how to talk about it. It’s full of hooks and blooms, and memorable sound and pathos.. You can read Noelle’s poem BALLERINAS in our 4.2 archives, and one of my favorites -her poem SYNCHRONICITY BOOK – here. Much gratitude to Noelle . Happy writing. — Sophie Klahr, poetry editor


Pick up the first book you see.  Now turn to page 19 and pick a word, any word on the page.  Then, write about something you were doing or will do in your 19th year.  Be sure to include one animal in your poem.

Go outside and feel the earth.  What does it mean to you to be a human being in the world as it is?  Think about it, then read a Szymborska poem, then write your own poem about this, or anything else, that comes from the exercise.




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