Art :: Shiny Family :: April 2014

Gillian Lambert GS (3.1) had her Self-Deception series– part of which is in our 3.1 issue, including the cover– featured in Juxtapoz Magazine.

The first two tracks of an album by Sam Friend (2.1) were released this month. Check out SPIRIT MIRRIR via bandcamp, where you can listen for free and name your price to download it. The release party for the album is in Miami on Thursday 4/17.
Drew Falchetta (5.1) will be tabling at the Go West! Craft Fest this year in West Philly with Flying Groundhog. Check out his stuff there– or via his Etsy page if you’re not in the area.
Xiau-Fong Wee (3.2) has a piece up in UNIVERSE: The Art of Existence show up at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco this month. The show is open now and closes May 3, 2014.
The Daily Astorian’s Coast Weekend section has an article about the Willapa Bay AiR, including an interview with Adrienne Celt (3.2).

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