Fiction :: Shiny Family :: May 2014

First of all, welcome to Becca Pollock, the new Assistant Fiction Editor! She is already awesome.

J.E. Reich is like oh there is an excerpt from my novel forthcoming in Fwriction Review and also no big deal a story coming out in the next issue of Flapperhouse.

Wigleaf has a Top 50 (Very) Short Fictions 2014 and Brandi Wells “Your Origin Story” is one of them. Plus if you want to read about goats in Paper Darts, she has you covered.

Adam Moorad has a couple of short pieces in Chronopolis. Do those stories manage to feature a guinea pig and a bum (not the kind on the human body)? Read and find out!

If you think 20 pages is the perfect length for things, you will definitely enjoy Emma Ramadan’s chapbook. Oh and also if you like good writing.

Point your Internet to Corium Magazine and behold the writing of Shellie Zacharia.




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