Art :: Shiny Family :: June 2014

Adrienne Celt (3.2) has a piece, “The Dimensions of the Anomaly” up at Blackbird. She also recently announced that her debut novel is forthcoming from Norton/Liveright in summer 2015.

Woman King Collective is looking for artists, craftspeople, and/or designers to participate in their latest group show, The Politics of Being Ugly, in partnership with Kayla Altman (4.1). The deadline for submissions is June 28th, and you can find more info here.

Check out this collaborative project from Aaron Morgan (5.2) “It Is What It Is“, where Morgan illustrates a poem a day Monday through Friday. Morgan also is this month’s artist for the Hoot Review and gets a shoutout over at for both of these triumphs.

shoney lamar (2.1) is playing a show with his band the lady comes first Friday June 27th at Cafe 939. Doors at 7pm.


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