Fiction :: Shiny Family :: June 2014

What we talk about when we talk about Angela Readmen writing about Raymond Carver over at Thresholds.

William VanDenBerg has a story in SAND, but only if you’re one of the 3.502 million people living in Berlin. Here in the U S of A you can read his story “Collar” in The Fanzine.

Come for the photo of T-Rex’s looking at aliens, stay for Will Kaufman‘s story “Chapter One“.

A collection of flash fiction is maybe the perfect thing to kick this summer off right, and Len Kuntz has you covered with “The Dark Sunshine” from Connotation Press.

Kate Folk is going for the world record in amount of things published in 2014, with stories in print at Puerto del Sol, Colorado Review, and Hobart. Plus the story “Islanders” in PINBALL, and OH YEAH ALSO SHE WRITES IN ITALIAN for DUDE. If you trust the translating robots from Google you can give it a read in English. Or just learn Italian.


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