Fiction :: Shiny Family :: July 2014

Um Leesa Cross-Smith is reading at a bookstore you may have read about on this very blog and yet I will not be there to attend. BUT ERRBODY ELSE SHOULD. (Also the bookstore is City Lit and it is in Chicago and she is reading there with many others so just go(and it’s tonight July 29)).

$2 to read Adam Moorad‘s story in The Cossack Review? That’s less than the cost of riding a bus and/or subway! So just stay inside and read it.

If everything always fills you with dread (as it should), Matt Tompkins story In the Space Below, Please Provide an Example of Your Typical Daily Schedule will be a nice reminder that yes, everything should fill you with dread.

Craig Bernier has a book forthcoming, Your Life Idyllic, from Black Lawrence Press. And if that wasn’t enough, there is also Home Free in Great Lakes Review‘s Spring 2014 issue. So much Craig, so little time.

Gardening for Fuck-ups is a story by Andrew Payton in Meridian Issue 33 (which heavily features a brain on the cover). Is it also a self-help book title one may see in the horticulture section of a bookstore? I don’t know genius, you tell me.


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