Shiny Family :: Poetry :: August 2014

Sophie Klahr (Poetry Editor) has a poem up at Linebreak called “It was the Nightingale and not the Lark.” Read and listen to it here. Also, she’s answered the question What can poetry do? for the Best American Poetry blog, which you can read here!

Morgan Parker (5.1) has a poem at Apogee Journal. She also has a book forthcoming from Coconut in 2016, There Are More Beautiful Things Than Beyoncé.


Meghan Privitello (3.2) has two poems up at The Kenyon Review.


Jeremy Schmall (2.1) has a poem, “Hawks circle the light” up at Swarm.


Candice Wuehle (3.1) has a poem, “Re-count,” in NOÖ 15.


Please read Emily O’Neill, 2nd annual Gigantic Sequins poetry contest winner, especially her four poems at Electric Cereal.


Ken Taylor (3.1) has two poems (“seconding speech” and “florence syndrome”) in Posit.


Rachel Richardson (5.2) has a poem, “The Sisters” up at Swarm.


Howie Good (2.1) has three poems in Posit.


Carrie Murphy (3.1) has a poem, “thingspo,” in NOÖ 15.




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