Shiny Family :: Recent news from our Poetry contributors

Jakob VanLemmeren’s (3.2) poem “The Book of Moot” can (and should) be read in the newest COBALT. Just a taste: “This animal: it’s been building inside of me / [for I don’t know how long]. / I practice restraint against the day.”


Carrie Lorig’s (6.1) (with Elizabeth Workman) excerpted “PROCESSIONAL/CONFESSIONAL” can be found on Delirious Hem.


Caleb Curtiss’s (5.2) chapbook A Taxonomy of the Space Between Us is available for pre-order at Black Lawrence Press.


Sommer Browning, guest Poetry Editor, has a website called Asthma Chronicles, which you might (and should, I hope you will) read.


Read Wendy Xu’s (3.2) poem “The Years” in Guernica, and know that it was listed in Ocean Vuong’s 2014 list of best online poems from women poets of color here.


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