Read Gigantic Sequins Editor in Chief Kimberly Ann Southwick’s new poems are available to read (so you should read them) in Lockjaw Magazine.

Read (and listen to) Doug Paul Case’s (4.2) poem “love letter to argenta perón” in Rattle.

Two poems by Morgan Parker (5.1) (“[All my friends are in love and it is]” and “Ebony Samba”) are available for you to read here, in the new Sink Review.

Dalton Day (6.1) has poems published in Lockjaw Magazine and Cartridge Lit and Gabby. Read them. Here, here, and here.

Read Karissa Morton’s (4.1) “Lace” in the latest Nightblock.

Adam Soldofsky (4.1) has five parts of Panorama-O-Rama in So and So. Read them here.

Read a review of Sommer Browning’s (Poetry Editor) Backup Singers here, in the latest Sink Review.

John Myers (Assistant Poetry Editor, 3.2) has work in the new Corduroy Mtn, “$40.” “I am the flowers girls. You, too?” Buy it (Corduroy Mtn. 4) here.


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