Shiny Family :: Recent News From Our Poetry Contributors

Read Tanya Muzumdar’s (5.2) poem “Stingray Touch Pool” in the debut issue of Cherry Tree. Buy it here.


MiPOesias’ Spring 2015 issue is here, and inside you can read poems by Dalton Day (6.1).


Editor in Chief Kimberly Ann Southwick has a poem, “Siblings,” in Sundress Publications. Read it here.


Two poems (“Hospice” and “Small Talk”) by Dylan Weir (Poetry Reader) are up at Literary Orphans. Read them!


The new interrupture is here and inside you will find work by Dalton Day (6.1), Karissa Morton (4.1), Kylan Rice (4.2), and Candice Wuehle (3.1).


John Myers (Assistant Poetry Editor, 3.2) has work in Okey-Panky. Read “Bathhouse” here.


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