The AWP conference & bookfair is typically jam-packed with insanely enticing lit events. We at GS are here to steer you in the right direction. DEFINITELY make some time to swing by Table 730– that’s where we are! We’re right between Rose Metal Press and Birds LLC, plus also sharing our row with Black Ocean, Spork Press, Canarium Books, Third Man Books, Fence Books, and others.

Once you’ve navigated the book fair, here is a comprehensive list of all the events, panels, and parties that we recommend you consider attending. Yes, there’s some overlap, but we know you’ll make the right choice!

8pm — Small Press Night! An offsite reading co-hosted by Curbside Splendor PublishingAnvil PressCivil Coping Mechanismsfeatherproof booksBarrelhouse, and Tyrus Books, featuring Brandi Wells (GS 4.1), Dasha Kelly, Justin Marks, Jon Paul Fiorentino, Mairead Case, Cyn Vargas, and Jim Ruland

9am — R105. Stranger than Fiction: Personal Essay in the Age of the Internet! A panel, featuring Ben Tanzer (GS 4.2), Megan Stielstra,  Jamie Iredell, and Wendy C. Ortiz

10:30am — R130. What’s Love Got to Do With It? A panel, featuring Jericho Brown  (GS 2nd annual poetry contest judge), Catherine Bush, Adam Sol, and Padma Viswanathan

12pm — R159. From Poverty to Poetry! A panel, featuring Jane Wong (GS 3.2), Eduardo C. Corral,  dawn lonsinger, Rachel McKibbens, and Airea D. Matthews

12pm — R183. Workshopping the World: Teaching Creative Writing Outside Academia! A panel, featuring Justin Brouckaert (GS 5.2), Katherine Zlabek, Christopher Koslowski, Erin Elizabeth Smith, and Julia Velasco

12pm — Graywolf @ AWP 2015! A reading onsite, featuring Nick Flynn (GS 5.2), Mary Jo Bang, Katie Ford, Matthea Harvey, and Jim Moore

1:30pm — R212. The Hybrid Book: Publishing Poetry and Art Together! A panel, featuring Bianca Stone (GS winter poetry comics contest judge), Ben Fama (GS 1.1), Allison Campbell, Elizabeth Clark Wessel, and Henry Israeli

3pm — R232. The Rise of the Chapbook! A panel, featuring Rebecca Hazelton (GS 4.1), Kit Frick, KMA Sullivan, Jeffrey Levine, and Matthew Olzmann

5pmNEW SH!T SHOW @ AWP! A reading, featuring Emily O’Neill (GS 5.1), Sam Sax, Sara BrickmanAllison Broeren, and Chantz Erolin

6pm — Weird Atlas / Gazing Switchback! An offsite reading organized by WEIRD SISTER, The Atlas Review, Gazing Grain Press, and Switchback Books, featuring Morgan Parker (GS 5.1), Marisa Crawford, Cathy de la Cruz, Lillian-Yvonne Bertram, Soleil Ho, Anne Cecelia Holmes, Jenn Marie Nunes, Meg Day, and Natalie Eilbert

7pmIron Horse & Grist Journal’s off-site reading features LaTanya McQueen (2.2 & current reader) along with Anne Valente, Jim Whiteside, Joe Wilkins, Nicholas Wong, H.L. Hix, Shaindel Beers, Sadie Hoagland, and more.

7:30pm — Poetry: The Original Selfie Stick! An offsite reading featuring Ben Fama GS (1.1), Eric Amling, Jerriod Avant, Elaine Kahn, Kelin Loe, Monica McClure, Guy Pettit, Niina Pollari, Sara Jane Stoner, Jennifer Tamayo, and Mike Young at Sisyphus Brewing— Vin’s Italian Foodtruck will be there too, if this is around your dinner time…

8pm The Big (Speak)Easy! An offsite reading/party, featuring Justin Lawrence Daugherty GS (4.1/1st annual flash fiction contest winner), Al Kratz, Nicole Tone, Joel Hans, Cristina Collins, Julia Hy, Wyl Villacres, Roy G. Guzman, David Olimpo, Holly M. Wendt, Eric Shonkwiler, & Ben Tanzer (GS 4.2)

8pm — Paris is Still Burning! An evening of poetry and drinks hosted by Patricia Smith and featuring Danez SmithCharif ShanahanEduardo C. CorralRickey LaurentiisJayson SmithPhillip B. WilliamsJustin Phillip ReedL. Lamar WilsonSaeed Jones, and Jericho Brown (GS 2nd annual poetry contest judge)

9pm –Blue Earth Review & Beecher’s Magazine Present an AWP Shindig, featuring Rachel Mennies (GS 5.1), Ryder Collins, Athena Kildegaard, Dan Rosenberg, Pete Stevens, Chelsea Werner-Jatzke
10:30am — F161. In the Middle of Everything: Independent Publishing in the Midwest! A panel, featuring Kathleen Rooney (GS 1.2), Naomi Huffman, Ben Tanzer (GS 4.2), Jason Sommer, and Jeffery Gleaves

10:30am — F146. Dialogue Arts Project: Live Literature and the Reinvention of Diversity Education! A panel moderated by Adam Falkner (GS 1.2) and featuring Aaron Samuels, Carlos Andrés Gómez, Elana Bell, and Syreeta McFadden

10:30am — F152.  Extremophilia: Defining a Poetics of the Extreme! A panel moderated by Beth Bachmann and featuring Nick Flynn (GS 5.2), Jamaal May, and Tarfia Faizullah

3pm — F231.  Where We Begin to Revise the Poem! A panel, featuring Keetje Kuipers (GS 5.1), Erica Dawson, James Harms, John Hoppenthaler, and Peter Campion

3pm — F232.  Neglected American Masters! A panel, featuring Jericho Brown (our 2nd annual poetry contest judge), James Allen Hall, Paisley Rekdal, Richard Siken, and Yona Harvey

4pm — 2×2 in the Twin Cities! An offsite reading cohosted by GS (HEY THAT’S US!) Sundog Lit, Fairy Tale Review, and Yemassee, featuring Alex McElroy (GS 5.2) & Carson Beker (GS 6.1), Matt Bell, Caroline Crew, Tracy Brimhall, Brian Oliu, Elise Winn, and Salvatore Pane

7pm — Girl Friday! Minneapolis Reading Series Our Flow is Hard’s offsite event along with dancing girl press and WEIRD SISTER, featuring Kimberly Ann Southwick (GS EIC), Morgan Parker (GS 5.1), Jia Oak Baker, Ashley Barr, A.T. Grant, Emily Brandt, Jessica Rae Bergamino, Bettina Judd, Zayne Turner, Kelly Morse, Juliana Delgado Lopera, and Caitlin Scarano– reading followed by a 21+ dance party! oh and there are drink specials!

7:30pmYesYes Books Celebration at AWP! A reading featuring Nick GuligEmily O’Neill (GS 2nd annual poetry contest winner/GS 5.1), Rob OstromMeghan Privitello (GS 3.2), Taryn Schwilling, and Danez Smith

8pm — Big Friendly Giant! An offsite reading cohosted by Coconut PoetryInter|rupture: a journal of poetry and artSmoking Glue GunT E N D E R L O I N, Slope Editions, & ILK journal and featuring Carrie Murphy (GS 3.1), Adam Day, Gale Marie Thompson, Aubrie Marrin, Sam Sax, Lynn Melnick, Kristin Sanders, DeWitt Brinson, Jennifer Tamayo, Shelly Taylor, Danielle Pafunda, Lucy Ives, Kit Frick

9pm — Spooky Boiler in Jeopardy! An offsite reading, featuring Nicole Steinberg (GS 6.2), Sarah A. Chavez, Cecily Iddings, Michelle Y. Burke, Caylin Capra-Thomas, Jenny Molberg, Caitlin Woolley, Ian Denning, and Elizabeth Vignali

9am — S119. The Bump-and-Grind of Meaning: Intuition and Formal Play in Hybrid Nonfiction! A panel, featuring Caleb Curtiss (GS 5.2), Matthew Gavin Frank, Elena Passarello, Jenny Boully, and moderated by William Stobb

1:30pm — S219. Reaching Out / Breaking Through: Introducing New Writing in the Undergraduate Classroom! A panel, featuring Alex Lemon (GS 4.1),  Jared Stanley, Sandra Lim, and Stephanie Vanderslice

6pm — UNCW Creative Writing Department’s 3rd Annual Alumni Reading! An AWP off-site event featuring Anna B. Sutton (GS reader), Hillary Wentworth, john mortara, Sally J. Johnson, and Ben Hoffman.

6pm — The Rumpus & Fence present: Gutter Talk! An AWP offsite event hosted by Derrick Brown and featuring readings by Nick Flynn (GS 5.2), Antonia Crane, Ottessa Moshfegh, J. Ryan Stradal, and Amber Tamblyn

7pm Embawdied Lit: A Drag Reading! This offsite reading features Adam Atkinson (GS 2.2), Carrie Murphy (GS 3.1), Jessica Rae Bergamino, Sade Murphy, Lucas de Lima, Lara Glenum, Johannes Göransson, Saeed Jones, Tim Jones-Yelvington, Joyelle McSweeney, and many more.

7pm — An AWP Wrap-Up Party: Coconut + Bloof! An offsite reading at a masonic temple, featuring Ben Fama (GS 1.1), Natasha Kessler (GS 2.2), Jennifer L. Knox, Ginger Ko, Jenny Boully, Caroline Crew, Bruce Covey, Shana Compton, Alexis Pope, Leah Sewell, Eszter Takacs, Emily Toder, and many more

8pm — Lit & Art Party! An offsite party with dancing, drinks, and micro-readings, including one by Brandi Wells (GS 4.1), Amelia Gray, Dessa, John Brandon, John Jodzio, Lindsay Hunter, Laura van den Berg, Safy-Hallan Farah, and Simon Jacobs

8pm — Get Over It! This AWP Party/Reading hosted by Black Cake, Big Lucks, and Magic Helicopter that features Morgan Parker (GS 5.1), Bianca Stone (winter contest series poetry comics judge), Meagan Cass, Caroline Crew, Evelyn Hampson, Gina Kiecher, Mike Krutel, Amy Lawless, John Mortara, Sampson Starkweather, and Mathias Svalina

(NOTE: Anyone who is a GS Shiny Family member and mentioned above is in bold.)



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