Our count !

With the 2014 VIDA count newly out, we got curious about our own numbers, and thought we’d share our 2014 results with you!

Our editorial staff was ( & is ) 56 percent women (including a female editor-in-chief, poetry editor, and production editor), and our readers were 58 percent female.

67 percent of our poetry was written by women.

Our only lyric essay was written by a woman.

56 percent of our fiction was written by women.

40 percent of our non-fiction was written by women.

Overall, 52 percent of literary work contained in Gigantic Sequins was produced by women! Not too shabby. We always read our submissions blind, so, are we surprised that our count reflects actual gender equality in what we’ve published? As former poetry editor, I’m not surprised, but I’m pleased. We don’t have numbers on women of color, or a count on queer-identified writers – maybe next year! Onwards!

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