Shiny Family :: Recent News from our ART Contributors

Holiday Campanella (GS 5.1) is participating in THAR 250, a puppet show! Check her out there and also tomorrow night, when she’ll be reading poetry rather than performing puppetry. We love that our contribs do awesome, diverse, creative things.

Forge & Finish, Carly Mayer (GS 6.1)’s jewelry collective, has its Spring/Summer 2015 LookBook out–featuring GS EIC Kimberly Ann Southwick as one of the two models! There’s also a music video to promote this rad new collection. Finally, here’s where you can grab some F&F gear this summer. Events include the Kinetic Sculpture Derby/Trenton Ave. Arts Fest in Philly, the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn, the Maker’s Fest in Manahawkin, NJ, and more!

Anthony Goicolea (GS 4.2) is photographed for this article Whitehot Magazine of contemporary with art Gallerist Ron Mandos with Goicolea’s painting at the gallery’s booth at the Armory Show.

Marek Danielewski (GS 2.1) and his work are featured in this great EuroCircle “Portrait of an Artist” piece.

Caitlin McCormack (GS 6.1) did the cover art for Chris McCreary’s latest poetry collection from Furniture Press, [ neuro / mantic ]. She also has her work in a show debuting in the upcoming 2015 International Textile Biennial at the historic Rijswijk Museum in the Netherlands, along with eighteen other artists from all over the world. The exhibition opens May 10th at Museum Rijswijk {Herenstraat 67, NL-2282 BR Rijswijk}.


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