GS 4.1’s Toby Altman is in this new ALL-POETRY Sporklet from Spork Press.

Jim Daniels (GS 2.2) has a chapbook of poetry Apology to the Moon out from BatCat Press.

The second printing of GS 6.1 contributor Dalton Day’s chapbook FAKE KNIFE is underway! Get your hands on a copy here.

6.1 Contributor and 3rd Annual Poetry Contest Winner Carrie Lorig’s first book The Pulp Vs. The Throne is forthcoming from Artifice Books July 28th. Check out her upcoming book tour dates with Alexis Pope!

GS 4.1’s Karissa Morton has 3 poems in the newest issue of Devil’s Lake.

GS 5.2 contributor Tanya Muzumdar’s poem “Halloween Night at the Pink Pony” appears in Bayou Magazine.

GS 5.1’s and 2nd Annual Poetry Contest Winner Emily O’Neill has two poems in Powder Keg Magazine and a poem in the latest Interrupture Magazine.

GS 1.2 contributor Kathleen M. Rooney’s “Don’t Fuck with the Babysitter: A Love Letter” appears at The Toast.

GS 6.2 poet Nicole Steinberg has 4 poems in the latest Powder Keg Magazine.

GS Poetry Reader Dylan Weir has a poem in the latest Cleaver Magazine.

Carolyn Williams-Noren’s chapbook Small Like a Tooth, can now be found at BoneShaker Books in Minneapolis! Williams-Noren appeared in GS 5.1.

Manuscripts by GS 3.1 contributors Candice Wuehle and Christine Friedlander were named finalists for the Tarpaulin Sky Press 2015 Book Prize. Excerpts of Wuehle’s BOUND and Friedlander’s manuscript AVANT GAUZE are featured in Tarpaulin Sky Press Magazine’s IN UTERO section.

GS Contributing Editor Sophie Klahr recently won Washington Square Review’s 2015 poetry contest, selected by Eduardo C. Corral. She also has a poem in Ninth Letter, and two poems in Tupelo Quarterly.


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