Our poetry contributors have been sparkling all over the place! Here’s what they’ve been up to this past August:


Snaps to GS 3.1 poet Candice Wuehle, whose book FIDELITORIA: fixed or fluxed was named a CSU Poetry Center’s 2015 First Book Poetry Editor’s Choice finalist.


Toby Altman (3.2/4.1) has two new great chapbooks out this month: Tender Industrial Fabric (from Greying Ghost) and Same Difference (from Shirt Pocket Press).


Congrats on the publication of the poetry book Actual Cloud via Salò Press by Dalton Day (6.1).


At the Poetry Foundation blog, they asked questions concerning poetry & culture & a few GS contribs have weighed in, including Nick Sturm (3.2), Carrie Lorig (6.1), and Meghan Privitello (3.2).


2 poems by Doug Paul Case (4.2) can be found at the Minnesota Review.


Over at The American Scholar, Jordan Sanderson (4.2) has a stanza featured in a “Caravan of Dreams,” a co-written canto.


The current BORT Quarterly features poetry from Nicole Steinberg (6.2), Adam Soldofsky (4.1), & Jeremy Schmall (2.1).


Dig this interview with GS 6.2’s Bianca Stone via The Public.


Editor-in-Chief Kimberly Ann Southwick has relocated from Philly to Lafayette, LA, where she’s begun her first year as a PhD student in Creative Writing Poetry via the excellent English program at University of Louisiana at Lafayette.


Contributing Editor Sophie Klahr is doing a second residency at the Art Farm in Marquette, NE for the month of September, working on her kaleidoscopic non-fiction and lyric memoir Over And Under And Then Up For Air.


Poetry Editor Christine Friedlander’s intermedia poetry project AVANT GAUZE will be published in 2016 as a part of Magic Helicopter Press’ Ted Hawkins Innovative Poetry Series.

Have some shiny poetry news that you want displayed on our metaphorical refrigerator door? E-mail or tweet poetry editor Christine Friedlander. Believe me, she’s already beaming with pride.  

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