Gigantic Sequins prides itself on the quality and diversity of the voices we publish. Because of this, we like to broadcast contributor accomplishments via our social media. Yesterday, we made the error of naming one poet in a scheduled tweet as the author of a new book in place of another, and this was offensive to both past contributors—Jane Wong and Wendy Xu. Rather than attempting to explain this away or focusing on why it might have occurred, we would rather say that what happened is inexcusable, something that should not have happened, and something we deeply regret due to the hurt it caused. We deleted the tweet yesterday due to its insensitivity and misinformation.

When insensitivity leads to pain, the most important thing is to listen to the voices of the people who are hurt by what happened. This is what I have been doing since yesterday, and what I intend to continue doing. GS publishes diverse voices because we want those voices to be heard, and after this, it’s important not to be broadcasting our own voice on the matter, but listening to those of whom I have hurt,—Wendy, Jane, and the communities offended by the tweet’s carelessness. Despite this, we felt it necessary and important to offer not just private but public apologies.

I will no longer be in charge of scheduling social media posts. If I do not have the time to give the careful attention to naming our contributors correctly, then I cannot in good conscience be the person who does social media for the journal. We want GS to be a safe place for POC to publish, and we understand that regaining that trust will take time and more than an apology. We intend to do all we can to listen to the voices of those hurt by this and continue our efforts to publish and promote diverse voices. We hope that this mistake, hypocritical to our values, is one that we can learn from.

My deepest apologies to Wendy and Jane, whose voices are unique, and whose names should never be confused due to carelessness on anyone’s part. I hope that this apology might lend itself to the healing in process after this regrettable error.


Kimberly Ann Southwick, EIC


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