This November, we’re thankful for the amazing poets who have graced our issues. Here is some recent contributor news to fill you with joy:


GS 5.2 poetry comics artist Jon-Michael Frank has 2 new poems up at Hobart!


Not only did GS 7.1’s Erin Lyndal Martin interview Natalie Merchant for Salon, but Erin also has two new poems for you to read in the new Cosmo Avenue!


2 new poems from GS 5.1’s Emily O’Neill are now up at Atrocity Exhibition for you to read.


GS 3.1’s Carrie Murphy talks about patriarchy, maternity care, buying dresses & her book FAT DAISIES at Weird Sister!


Read GS 3.2’s Jane Wong’s poem “Against Boredom/Toward Warmth”  up now at City Arts!

And 3rd Annual Poetry Contest Winner Carrie Lorig wrote a 24-page sonnet called “The Book of Repulsive Women” which is now unfolding on  T A G VV E R K.

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