Welcome to our new feature #StillLifeWithBook! In this little corner of our blog, staff and contributors share a snippet and a snapshot of their current reads.


Irina Skornyakova | 7.1 Contributing Artist 

Reading: Masks by Rumiko Enchi | Currently on page: 81 | Favorite line so far: “Mieko was warmed by the liquor, and the provocative, vaguely medicinal odor that emanated from her clothing struck him full in the face like a cloud of smoke. He felt like a man being escorted by two prostitutes down the hall of a brothel in some long-ago time.” | Book’s origin: a used bookstore in Oakland, CA this summer on a trip.



meg willing | Assistant Production Editor / Designer 

Reading: House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski (inspired by our editors’ BOOKS THAT SCARE list) | Currently on page: 130 + sections of the exhibits and appendices | Favorite line so far: “And where there is no Echo there is no description of space or love. There is only silence.” | Book’s origin: My local indie bookstore, Devaney Doak & Garrett Booksellers—where you can also buy the latest issue of GS!

 PS: We want to see what you’re reading! Share your #StillLifeWithBook with @giganticsequins.


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