#StillLifeWithBook is a little corner of our blog where contributors and staff share a snippet and a snapshot of their current reads.


Yelena Moskovich | 2.2 Fiction Contributor (and author of the The Natashas)

Reading:The Black Curve by Rut Hillarp, translated from Swedish by Saskia Vogel | Currently on page: 31 | Favorite lines so far: “I am cultivating the world’s largest jealousy for you.” / “What is more enticing than our own destiny.” / “The horizon bent itself over me, turned black, and swung.” | Book’s origin: The book just showed up in my mailbox one day. I opened the package and started reading. Some pages in, I began to suspect that it was I who had ordered this book.



meg willing | Assistant Production Editor / Designer

Reading: POEMLAND by Chelsey Minnis | Currently on page: 53 | Favorite lines so far: “Poetry is like waking up drunk in a lemon yellow room… // It is a print-pattern of overblown flowers and pudendas… // It is like tearing off your bandages in your sleep…” | Book’s origin: On a freezing February weekend, in a lake house named Loon Song, my dear friend Emma pulled this bright book from her suitcase and placed it in my open hand.

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