#StillLifeWithBook is a little corner of our blog where contributors and staff share a snippet and a snapshot of their current reads.

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Greg Allendorf | 6.2 Poetry Contributor 

Reading: The Silver Eye: Unlocking the Pyramid Texts by Susan Brind Morrow | Currently on page: 140 | Favorite lines so far: “O by the foreleg in the reeds, / Are they deaf to the truth of the voice in his eye?” / “He loves to go out in the tall grass / of the field in the heart of the starry sky.” | Book’s origin: Amazon.



meg willing | Assistant Production Editor / Designer  

Reading: The Kingdom of Ordinary Time by Marie Howe | Currently on page: 39 | Favorite lines so far: “Sometimes the moon sat in the well at night. / And when I stirred it with a stick it broke.” | Book’s origin: The Massachusetts Poetry Festival book sale table, after silently weeping in a church pew through Marie Howe’s reading.

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