GS Spring 2016 Subscription Drive!

Every spring, we put out a call for more subscribers to our biannual print literary arts journal. Here are some reasons that you should SUBSCRIBE TO GS ASAP:

  1. Gigantic Sequins has been in print for 7 years. That’s a long time. The only way we can do this for 7 more is if people buy the printed product.
  2. You *can’t* read issues of GS cover to cover online at this moment–and there’s nothing better than holding an actual book in your hand and reading the words on the page.
  3. GS is published off-set, which means that you can feel the ink rise off the page when you run your hand over it. Try to do that right now with these words. It’s just not the same!
  4. Subscribing to GS means that you see work in print from new and emerging writers *before* they go on world tours, have full-length books published, and go on to do great things.
  5. Being a good literary citizen means supporting the presses and journals where you want to see your work published.  If you’ve submitted to us in the past 6 months (–or, if you submit to our contests, open May 15-July 15), you’re eligible for a submitter’s discount subscription. There’s no reason NOT to get one if you are sending in your work.

So there are a *FEW* different ways to subscribe/types of subscriptions:

  • ROLLING SUBSCRIPTION: Every 6 months, you are charged $10 and we send you the new issue in the mail. This works out to be the cheapest option per issue, and your subscription doesn’t expire!
  • ONE-YEAR SUBSCRIPTION: Standard one-year deal–you get three issues total: our most recent, and then the next two to drop.
  • TWO-YEAR SUBSCRIPTION: Same as above, except you get five issues total, our most recent, and then the next four to drop.
  • SUBMITTER’S DISCOUNT:  Same idea as a one-year subscription except you get a discount for sending us your writing–which we let you do for free. GS is staunchly against submission fees, but we DO need you to buy and read GS for it to be a worthwhile publication. If everyone who submitted to us bought an issue/subscribed, that would be amazing. So, if you’ve submitted to us in the past 6 months–or, if you submit to our contests, open May 15-July 15– you’re eligible. You get our most recent issue and then the next two to drop, so three total.
  • INTERNATIONAL SUBSCRIPTIONS: Get your one-year international subscription here, available for those outside the U.S. who’d like to get GS in the mail. There’s also a Submitter’s Discount International Subscription!

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