GS 8.1: Available For Pre-Order!

…Not to mention: COVER REVEAL! Yessss! We love it. We can’t wait. The issue is due out in January 2017, which is closer than you think. Spread the good news, pre-order here! (If you live outside the USA, please pre-order here instead.)

In case you forgot, here are the contributors featured in our forthcoming issue:

ART: Yokim Snow (cover), Sarah Shields, and Miguel Angel Soto

COMICS: Jason Hart and Anna McGlynn

CNF: Benji Alvey, Jacob Little, and Bailey Pittenger

FICTION: María Isabel Alvarez, Andy Myers, Elizabeth Gibson, Kim Hagerich (5th annual Flash Fiction contest winner), and Saul Lemerond

POETRY: Zoë Bodzas, Kristi Carter, Brian Clifton, Emily Corwin, Dan Encarnacion, Dana Fang, p.e. garcia, Marlin M. Jenkins, Paige Lewis, Xandria Phillips (5th annual Poetry contest winner), Katie Prince, and Michael Martin Shea

BOOK REVIEW: Craig Chisholm reviews THE VOYAGER RECORD (Rose Metal Press, 2016) by Anthony Michael Morena


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