Greetings readers! Today kicks off the release of our featured Teen Sequins writers of 2022. Follow along this week as each day we reveal our featured poets for 2022: Yechan (Chloe) Lee (age 14), Arihant Jain (age 15), Caitlin Villacrusis (age 16), Taber Cannon (age 17), and Jessica Kim (age 18). We couldn’t be more excited to share these poems with you!

Along with our feature, we also celebrate all those who submitted with a truly deserved honorable mention. An honorable mention means: We hear you, we see you, and we can’t wait to see where you’ll go next. 

Honorable Mentions, Age 14:

Ali Nasir, Hyunsoo Nam, Minha Kyun, Sophia Wong, Hanna Masudi, Nora Gupta

Honorable Mentions, Age 15:

Dorian Andrews, Brookelyn Bates, Julia Sholl, Aakriti Garg, Urja Shah, Yarima Gonzalez, Ava Jones, Hasmik Tumasyan, Erin Yoo, Charlotte Lebedeker, Sarah Ding, Keira Armstrong, Victoria Huang, Soleil Wizman, Shaliz Bazldjoo, Heather Qin, Iris Cai, Fiona Jin

Honorable Mentions, Age 16:

Kian Dierks, Vivian Huang, Ava Yu, Skyelar Wiedrich, Hanna Warren, Haley Deng, Serena Young, Katie Tian, Julia Sholl, Rho Bloom-Wang, Dylan Eskovitz, Paul Reiger, Larkin Helman, Kashvi Ramani, Hasanah Mishahal A. Mansour, Julia Ongking, Sabrina Guo, Cooper Branch, Ruby Parker, Sean Kim, Madina Khasanboeva, Isabel Connolly, Tara Prakash, Thatcher Mulholland, Allison Xu, Eric Zhu, Ava Chen, Eileen Budiyono, Kaili Revak, Sherice Kong 

Honorable Mentions, Age 17:

Logan Meredith, Amiyuh Tobias, Carissa Ceasor, Isabel Brown, Taejah McKnight, Ivy Chen, Yelaine Aguilar, Zachary Cho, Chu-yi Rachel Ngai, Caitlyn Iaccino, Annie Johnson, Kevin Zhu, Joseph Mir, Yujia Li, Catherine Tang, Julianne Park, Mulan Pan, Daniel Son, Fiona Lu, Valli Pendyala, Eva Zheng, Ursula Beitz, Estan Rodriguez, Yemaya Gaspard, Anna Feng, Mimi Yang, Alyssa Tang, Amy Wang, Elyse Hwang, Samantha Hsiung

Honorable Mentions, Age 18:

Helen Chen, Alina Marine, Keiran Elden, Adrian Mora, Alor Sahoo, Sydney Lyons, Bruno Drake, Anna Carolina de Oliveira Alves, Amaya Turner, Ashi Soni

We are so grateful to everyone who has submitted and can’t wait to see what you all do in the years to come. 


Teen Sequins Editorial Staff 2022