GS Deals, Steals, & Give-backs for the 2014 Thanksgiving season

When you’re putting together an indie print literary journal, the money our cause earns goes directly into just that: our journal. We publish two great issues per year, and use the money we earn from subscriptions, orders, and donations, to print and promote Gigantic Sequins. 2015 means we enter into our sixth season, and because our pockets aren’t ever nearly as full as we hope they’d be, we’re offering a few deals, steals, and givebacks over the few days after Thanksgiving, to give thanks to our fans and supporters.

Click on each deal the day that it’s up and it will lead you right to the steal! The most important one is the last one– we’ll be giving HALF the donations we receive on #GivingTuesday to the Philadelphia youth organization Mighty Writers, a non-profit that offers after-school programs and workshops to Philadelphia students, specializing in “teaching kids to think & write clearly”, a worthy goal!

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[ All deals’ deadlines are in EST. ]

Current Job Openings at GS

We are in the market for Readers of poetry and non-fiction & an Assistant Non-fiction Editor.

To apply, please email us at giganticsequins [at] gmail [dot] com with 5 reasons why we should consider you for the position/s you seek, and we’ll move the best candidates on to the next step of our hiring process. Note that our masthead consists entirely of volunteers. In other words, from top to bottom, no one here gets paid for the work they do with GS. All proceeds and donations go towards the costs of printing and promoting our journal, unless otherwise noted (for example, our past Storyslams, which have had proceeds go to benefiting LGBTQ charities).


Here are the basic job descriptions for the positions available:


  • must have good concept of what GS looks for aesthetically
  • must read at least 75% of assigned genre by assigned date per submission period
    • if reading more than 1 genre, only 50% of each is needed to qualify
  • must read and vote on pieces read
    • comments are encouraged for votes of MAYBE and YES.
    • comments are discouraged for votes of NO
  • encouraged to promote the purchase of, submission to, and general awareness of GS via social media (twitter, facebook, blogs) regularly
  • encouraged to help with fundraising in any way possible is appreciated
  • attending any events that are held in their locality is appreciated and encouraged, though not required


  • must read/vote on all of assigned genre
  • must have excellent concept of what GS looks for aesthetically
    • can only be reader for 1 genre
    • commenting only necessary when voting YES or MAYBE
  • must work with genre editor/EIC on narrowing down pool of yes/maybe submissions
  • required to help out with fundraising
  • required to promote the purchase of, submission to, and general awareness of GS via social media (twitter, facebook, blogs) and IRL at regular intervals.
  • required to help genre editor promote the web presence of their genre (via Shiny Family, GS blog, etc.)
  • assistant editor & genre editor must develop working relationship—genre editor will delegate certain things not specifically required by both positions to assistant editor
  • attendance and help with planning of GS events, optional but encouraged
  • attendance of bi-annual online editors meetings, optional

Pushcart Prize Nominations for 2014

Gigantic Sequins is proud to announce its nominations for the Pushcart Prize from our two issues published in 2014. They are as follows:

Issue 5.1 

Kate Folk “Physical Education”

Hannah Aizenman “The Dream of Arms”

Keetje Kuipers “On Needing to See a River”

Issue 5.2 

Caitlyn Luce Christensen “A Man Eats Another Man’s Heart”

Justin Brouckaert “Love Stories”

Congrats and good luck to our nominees!

Shiny Family :: Recent news from our ART contributors

meg willing (GS 5.2 cover artist & who also has done layout and design for issues 5.26.1) reads TONIGHT in Portland, ME.

Drew Falchetta (GS 5.1 cover artist) illustrated a book called The House on Creep Street that’s now available for purchase.

Forge & Finish, the company Carly Mayer (GS 6.1 artist) co-owns, will be at the Fall Art Star Craft Bazaar in Philly November 8-9th.

Cairlin McCormack (GS 6.1 artist) has work in a show opening this Friday in Philly, The 3rd Annual Small Wonders Group Show, showing at Arch Enemy Arts for the month of November.

Also opening this Friday in Philly, Jon-Michael Frank (GS 5.1 comics artist) has work in a Poetry Comics show, Full Bleed.

Gigantic Sequins 5.1 Has Arrived!

We are in the process of packing and shipping our latest 5.1 issue that arrived to use recently!

We can’t wait to get it out to our contributors, subscribers, purchasers, friends, and also to the bookstores that carry us!


Is one on its way to you? If not, you can remedy this here.

We have a new website waiting in the wings– the same URL that you’ve used in the past to get here will take you to the new site, and this very site will become our “EDITOR’S BLOG”, which will mature and evolve into something shiny and awesome, we’re sure. We can’t wait to share our new site with you.

The Proof is in the Pudding!

Actually, the proof is not in the pudding today. But the proof for GS 5.1 has arrived safely to our EIC in Philadelphia, and we can’t wait to send the final version of the issue to the printers. GS takes a lot of hard work, time, and effort from all members of our team to come together, and these anticipatory days leading to the publication of an issue are always the ones that keep us on the edge of our seats. Have you pre-ordered your copy of the issue yet? It’s going to be GREAT.

We are also excited to soon be transitioning to a big girl website. STAY TUNED.


Cover Image / FB Likes Goal

Cover Image / FB Likes Goal

If you receive a copy of our monthly newsletter, or follow us on social media– you’ve probably already heard! But yesterday, we announced our official COVER for issue 5.1.

We hope that this cover inspires you to PRE-ORDER this issue if you haven’t already. We’re offering FREE SHIPPING through the end of 2013 for all pre-orders of this great issue!

We have a goal for 2013, too. We want 1000 facebook LIKES so we can ring in the new year happily. We’re putting together a PRIZE for our 1000th LIKE. Will it be you? We have 973 as of the posting of this, and counting!

Love us so much you want to commit to getting our great issues in the mail for a bit longer? Every two-year subscription you order really helps us sustain this great journal that we’ve been working on getting out to the world for FIVE years now. Keep an eye out for some celebratory hijinx that will ensure this year for our fifth birthday.

5.1 Cover Artist & Pre-orders!

You can now pre-order our amazing 5.1 issue! We are offering FREE SHIPPING to those of you who get your orders in before the end of the year. Pre-order now through Jan. 1st to enjoy this limited time offer.

We’re also very happy to announce that Drew Falchetta is our 5.1 cover artist. Drew’s water colors are out of this world, and it’s especially a great time of year for his work… his holiday greeting cards are as unique as they come. Though we don’t have a finale version of the cover yet, here’s a sneak preview of the art we’re using… covered in question marks…

Issue 5.1

You might notice something different about our 5.1 issue— that we’ve raised the base price from $5.00 to $7.50. Our EIC addresses our reasons for doing so within the issue, but we hope that you note we still have kept the journal at an affordable price.