Gigantic Sequins is officially open for submissions and issue 7.2 is on its way, so let’s look back at our past, lovely CNF contributors to see what they’re up to this summer!

*Ben Tanzer (of 4.2) published a book, SEX & DEATH, which was reviewed in the latest DecomP lit mag; Ben and his work were also featured in the Dock Street Press podcast.

Ben Tanzer

*J. Bradley (of 7.1) landed a piece of fiction in the inaugural issue of Heather.

*Alex McElroy (of 5.2) wrote a terrific story published in Catapult.

*Janet Frishberg (of 6.2) scored callouts from the Atlantic and Vela Magazine for her essay in The Rumpus!

*Colette Arrand (of 6.2), killing it lately, wrote a new Pokemon piece for Tiny Donkey and co-wrote another piece for 7×7.

Major congrats to these contributors, and we want more CNF submissions for 8.1! Enjoy your summer!


It’s been a freezing spring, but we’re getting cozy reading new material and great news from our fabulous Nonfiction contributors:


“Weird Love: The Object of Her Affection” is the newest work by Rachel Richardson (5.2). Find it at Barrelhouse.


Laura Citino (6.2) has work in the latest Cream City Review.


Cameron Dezen Hammon provided work for 5.1, but she’s also a musician. Her album Words Don’t Bleed dropped back in February. Read a review of her work.


J. Bradley (of just released 7.1) has a book coming out this summer (July 15 from Pelekenesis), featured on TODAY online.


Ingrid Jendrzejewski (6.2 contrib and winner of our Flash Nonfiction Contest) also won February’s Bath Flash Fiction Award.


Ben Tanzer’s (4.2) book Sex & Death is on the Bestseller List for January and February. Read this fantastic interview convo.


Colette Arrand (6.2) dropped her chapbook To Denounce the Evils of Truth last week from Long Day Press.


Please welcome the newest member to the Shiny Family, Justin Carter of our upcoming 7.2! His essay “Lineage” was a finalist for Yemassee’s 2016 Nonfiction Prize.

His story “Cuddle Bunnies,” originally published in March for Day One, the Amazon litmag, is now available as a Kindle Single!


Give these glorious people your biz, and we’ll see you when submissions open again in June!


Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but we still adore a recent contributor with one of the biggest hearts: Colette Arrand.

Colette wrote a non-fiction piece, “.081 Magenemite” for last summer’s 6.2 issue, and she’s just published a new piece at AutoStraddle titled “My Trans Body as a State of Desire.” It’s an exploration of her “emotional cave” as she discovers new modes of experiencing sexuality during her transition. It’s exciting, unique, and (of course) honest.

We’d expect no less from Colette.

Find her on Twitter and, especially, her blog.