Can a story be a sonnet? Can a sonnet be a Dear John letter? Find out today, and any other day since it was published, in Nichole LeFebvre’s story in Vol. 1 Brooklyn.
Phantom Drift, the close cousin of ghost riding the whip, is also a journal, and that journal has published Stephen Langlois story “Another Eddie Altogether.”  Do I recommend reading Phantom Drift while phantom drifting? I don’t NOT recommend it.
Brian Warfield has a story published in Pank. Brian Warfield had his first book published as well, Beach Story. Brian Warfield stock is up. Way up. Buy that Brian Warfield stock. Or else.
A new apartment can be a terrifying place. Kayla Haas explains at The Butter.

Shiny Family :: News From Our Fiction Contributors

Go on and check out some stories and an interview with Leesa Cross-Smith at the Atticus Review. Do we have other news about Leesa? We do. Maybe later though.

Chase Burke is all up in Perversion Magazine with the story Not on the Run.

Look at Rachael Katz, with stories and interviews and pictures all over Awst Press. Literally, go look at her. Oh also a book trailer for the chapbook Pony at the Super.

Brothers are the best, so here is a story from Kara Vernor in Pamplemousse with some brother action.

Shiny Family :: News From Our Fiction Contributors

Listen to Justin Brouckaert, he’s a cool dude. Or just read his words in an interview at Midwestern Gothic. There aren’t many things you can buy for a penny, but Will Kaufman knows basically all of them, because he wrote a story called “Things You Can Buy for a Penny” and it’s a real good how-to guide or something what am I even doing here. I was lucky enough to see LaTanya McQueen at AWP after an absence of several long years. You’ll be lucky enough to read her upcoming essay, “Violin Dreams”, in Grist. Brandi Wells has a novella “This Boring Apocalypse” and holy moly just reading the little selection available through that link is *turns into mush*.


Kara Vernor’s story in Whiskeypaper starts with some dialogue. Oh and that dialogue is “She threw a beer at my head.” Oh and also the story is titled It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp.

“Not on the Run” is a story by Chase Burke due out soon in Perversion Magazine. You should be on the run to pick it up. I’ll boo myself off stage.

Leesa Cross-Smith has her story “Whiskey & Ribbons” in Paragraph by way of Carve Magazine. The story is so good that even the comments section is entirely positive and well-written.

Here is a story written from the POV of an Elite Male Models employee. By Matt Tompkins. Is he writing from experience, because he is an Elite Male Model? I don’t know. You tell me genius.

Shiny Family :: Recent news from our Fiction contributors

Tally Brennan, who writes as well as she reads (for Gigantic Sequins!) had her story “The Original” published by Epiphany magazine and also read at the Fiction Center in NYC in December.

Upcoming in Lightspeed, Will Kaufman has a story that may or may not be titled “Things You Can Buy for a Penny”.

“The Turkey Rumble” is a thing that Kate Folk has written about for Word Riot and will be available for all of our eyes in February.

Come for the tooth art, stay for the story from William VanDenBerg.

Shiny Family :: Recent news from our Fiction contributors

Chicago! Pick up a signed copy of “Every Kiss a War” by Leesa Cross-Smith at City Lit books in Logan Square. Remember, Santa is watching.


If you like stories (which, duh) and also stories with amazing illustrations, GOOD NEWS. Kayla Haas has a story at Story Shack that will check both those boxes.

Michelle E. Crouch just writing about tattoos.

Driftless Review has an upcoming story from Kate Folk. Has Kate been nominated for a Pushcart Prize recently? Oh yes, yes she has.

Shiny Family :: Recent news from our fiction contributors

“The Going Things” is a story that will soon be in Southern Humanities Review. Andrew Payton wrote this story.

How do three stories sound? What if they’re by Kara Vernor in Atticus Review?

LaTanya McQueen, who once had to work near me at Borders (RIP BORDERS), has an essay in Portland Review.

Let Chase Burke break your heart in one paragraph at Tupelo Quarterly.

Fiction :: Shiny Family :: September 2014

Adam Moorad has work forthcoming in My Name is Mud. Here is where a terrible joke goes that is like “Adam Moorad’s name is NOT mud, because he is publishing in My Name is Mud”. Just awful.

A new story from Justin Brouckaert was published to Cheap Pop JUST LAST WEEK. Read it while it’s fresh and warm.

It isn’t fiction, but it’s good. Also, it’s poetry. Just go read Len Kuntz’s work at Eunoia Review.

Kilgore Quarterly has some great looking artwork. Plus there’s a little William VanDenBerg in Issue 5, which never hurts.

Hmm, what’s this here website say about Leesa Cross-Smith? Oh, just that her book Every Kiss a War is one of the 15 contemporary short story collections by women that everyone should read.

Fiction :: Shiny Family :: August 2014

Craig Bernier’s The Life Idyllic is available for purchase. Sorry, Craig Bernier’s award winning The Life Idyllic is available for purchase. There, that makes more sense.

Building the Body by Olivia Kate Cerrone is up for your viewing pleasure at Banango Street.

Chase Burke published a story and you won’t believe what happens next! Surprise, you read it and like it:  Restoration Efforts Underway.

The Summer 2014 Issue of the Colorado Review features the work of Kate Folk. She says it’s Tornado Season, so watch out.

Fiction :: Shiny Family :: July 2014

Um Leesa Cross-Smith is reading at a bookstore you may have read about on this very blog and yet I will not be there to attend. BUT ERRBODY ELSE SHOULD. (Also the bookstore is City Lit and it is in Chicago and she is reading there with many others so just go(and it’s tonight July 29)).

$2 to read Adam Moorad‘s story in The Cossack Review? That’s less than the cost of riding a bus and/or subway! So just stay inside and read it.

If everything always fills you with dread (as it should), Matt Tompkins story In the Space Below, Please Provide an Example of Your Typical Daily Schedule will be a nice reminder that yes, everything should fill you with dread.

Craig Bernier has a book forthcoming, Your Life Idyllic, from Black Lawrence Press. And if that wasn’t enough, there is also Home Free in Great Lakes Review‘s Spring 2014 issue. So much Craig, so little time.

Gardening for Fuck-ups is a story by Andrew Payton in Meridian Issue 33 (which heavily features a brain on the cover). Is it also a self-help book title one may see in the horticulture section of a bookstore? I don’t know genius, you tell me.