Submissions OPEN for TEEN SEQUINS 2020!

DRUMROLL PLEASE! Teen Sequins is back from hiatus and OPEN for submissions!

Since our initial feature in 2015, Teen Sequins has received over 500 poems submitted by teenagers across the globe, as far-reaching as India, Singapore, and New Zealand! Open to writers between ages 14 through 18, Teen Sequins will feature one poet per day in each age category during a week in September, with ALL submitting writers receiving honorable mention! Participation in Teen Sequins is a distinction that any teen could happily include in a college or summer program application as evidence of ambition, independence, and unique talent.

If you are a teenager between 14 – 18, we’re looking for your poetry!

And to those of you over 18, whether you’re student, a teacher, a parent, a pal, or all of the above, please share this submission call with the teens in your life!

Check out our previous features, see our FAQ for questions, and submit!

Oh, the Places GS Will Go!

Hello GS fans! We have a lot going on right now:

Submissions open December 1st– what? Wait, what? That’s in less than 24 hours. OH MY! OH WOW! OH YAY!

Sunday, December 2nd, we have a StorySlam Contest/Fundraiser in NYC, benefitting the Ali Forney Center. Come one, come all! If you’d like to read, there may still be a slot open, so contact us ASAP. All finalists get a prize pack from The Museum of Sex and the grand prize winner gets $100. Score! There will also be raffles throughout the night so that everyone can be a winner. Ariel Sinclair, our advertised intermission act, unfortunately won’t be able to make it, but rest assured, this event is the best way to spend your post-brunch Sunday afternoon!

Our 4.1 issue is in the design process currently– we really can’t wait to get it off to the printer and onto your doorsteps. Have you ordered a subscription yet to assure to prompt arrival of our next issues? Pick one up for your favorite writer-friend as a holiday gift while you’re at it.

We’ve added three new pieces from past issues to our archives! Read Nathanael Green’s “Where the Authority Lies“, Michelle Cheever’s “Strange Places I Have Woken Up“, and Kimberly Grey’s “Saudade“. We also have provided a link to Ken Taylor’s “first the trees, now this“, which has been republished online on the site “And Other Poems”.


*EXTENDED* Submissions Period

Thanks everyone who has so far sent us your work in. You should see some replies trickling in soon. We are announcing, though, an extension to our submission period. We’d love for people we meet at AWP to be able to, albeit last minute, send us their work, so we are allowing our submissions period to last until March 10th. Send us your best work today!

Above is the QR Code that’ll take you to our latest email from our monthly mailing list, sent today.

New in 2012

Hello all! We have some things here at Gigantic Sequins that are new for 2012!

1) Dig our website’s new layout! We like it. We also know now what our site looks like on an iPad. We think it’s snazzy. See the photo below, or check us out on your own iPad!

2) We created some GS merchandise that features our logo as Kickstarter rewards, but we also printed some extra in case any of our fans wanted any! This is a test run– if people like and buy what we have of the merchandise, we’ll be sure to quickly order more for the year. Below, you can see our editor in chief modeling the GS totebag and also a Ladies-sized shirt, and we also have a guest modeling the Men’s medium-sized shirt. We have the new Gigantic Sequins Store set up via our Editor in chief’s blog. Check out our store!

3) We look forward to bringing you issue 3.2 later this spring/summer, and we hope that you are considering sending us your best creative non-fiction, culture essays, short stories, flash fiction, poetry, lyric essays, comics and black & white art before our submissions deadline, 2.1.12. Visit our Submit page for more information on what we look for and our submishmash page to send us your best work. We look forward to reviewing your work and getting back to you soon!

4) We have events planned already between now and April! First, we have a reading to celebrate the recent release of issue 3.1 at Trident Booksellers & Cafe in Boston on Thursday, February 23rd. The week after that is AWP in Chicago! We couldn’t be more excited to be there, sharing a table at the bookfair with our friends at Big Lucks. We have a reading on Saturday, March 3rd with them as well as with Rose Metal Press, Knee-Jerk, and Magic Helicopter Press. We hope to run into you in Chicago that week, and we especially hope to see you stop by our table or our reading. Finally, we’ll be attending the Brooklyn Zine Fest in April on Sunday the 15th. We hope also to be at the Houston Indie Book Fest on April 14th, celebrate 3.1 at a Houston bookstore, and secure a reading in NYC/Philly to do the same, soon. Check out our Events page or join our mailing list to keep up with us in 2012. We’re busy– and happy about that.

Submissions Opening! Latest Email!

Our open submissions period is from NOVEMBER 1 – FEBRUARY 1! Hey wait… isn’t it October 31st? It is! That means submissions are opening in LESS than 24 hours! We are always open for art & comics, but now is when we are open for you to send us your best writing: poetry, fiction, essays, etc. Do you do hybrid genres? We love them, too! Specify your genre… do you prefer for your poem to be read as a prose poem? Your fiction as a short-short? We want to know. Visit our submissions page for more information or go straight to our submishmash account to send us your best work— starting tomorrow!

That’s about all the excitement we can take in a day… but we also need to announce that we sent out our October email today. Not on our mailing list? We promise to only send out ONE email per month. No tricks… only treats! Sign up to be sure that your in-box receives its one email from GS per month. Scan the QR code below to see our most recent email.

Pre-order 3.1… or subscribe to Gigantic Sequins

Visit our editor in chief’s blog to pre-order your copy of GS 3.1. You also have the option to order back issues or subscribe!

Hear ye! Hear ye! 3.1 features the talents of the following writers and artists:

Poetry from Carrie Murphy, Ken Taylor, Jake Kelly, Chrissy Friedlander, Candice Wuehle, Laura Goode, Analicia Sotelo, Kimberly Grey, Amanda Auchter, and Chuck Carlise.

Fiction from Kelli Trapnell, Olivia Kate Cerrone, Nathanael Green, and Meg Cameron.

Art &/or Comics from Sarah Schneider, Gillian Lambert (cover art), and Goodloe Byron.

NOTE: You will soon be able to order our latest issue or subscribe to Gigantic Sequins for 1, 2, or 5 years via our submishmash page! We will be re-opening for submissions on Nov. 1, which we accept through that same page. Currently we are only open for Art & Comics.

Submissions / Raffle Update / Prepare for 2.2

Gigantic Sequins 2.2 is in its proofreading stages, and nearly ready to go to print! We will soon have a cover image to promote the new issue. We are thrilled to bring it to you. It’s been called behind doors the “sexy ladies” issue by fans and friends. We’re not sure how we feel about that, though the art does indeed reflect the nickname. Are YOU ready for Gigantic Sequins 2.2?

You are? And you want to see your work in our FOLLOWING issue, do you? Well, lucky you! Today! May 1, 2011! Gigantic Sequins is reopening for submissions! Our submission prerequisites are on this page, and our guidelines are here. Read them, rejoice, and send us your best work. You know you want your poetry/prose/ non-fiction/comics/essays, etc., in our fall issue, don’t you? You do.

And finally, we mentioned news in our last update about our Spring Raffle— this is looking like it’s going to be our Spring/Summer raffle. Our Kickstarter fund was wildly successful, so we didn’t feel the need to rush into our biannual raffle. We are absolutely looking forward to making the raffle one of the best that we’ve ever had, but we are making sure that it rules before we begin to promote it to GS- and raffle- lovers alike.

Submission Period Deadline : June 30

With National Poetry Month coming to an end, Gigantic Sequins would like to remind all of our poets out there that our submission period will end on JUNE 30th. This gives you plenty of time to edit all of the poems that you’ve written and decide which are appropriate to send to our magazine. Please see our submission guidelines link to the right of this update for more specific guidelines.

In addition to encouraging our poets to submit, we would like to remind everyone else, also, that the deadline to submit for our 2.2 issue is JUNE 30th.


1) Proofread your work by reading it out loud to yourself and your dog or having a friend look over it for errors. A simple misplaced apostrophe can throw or turn a reader off from your work.

2) Send us multiple pieces! We will read up to five pieces per author per reading period. Send three poems, one short story and one essay! Send five poems! Send five essays! Send away!

3) BUY a copy of Gigantic Sequins so that you understand the kind of work that we enjoy publishing. One of our motives as a literary-arts journal is to KEEP THE PRICE OF GOOD ART CHEAP. Its tough for artists, so we know, then, that we must support each other. Most literary journals cost more than ours. Invest in our latest copy!

4) Enter our National Poetry Month contest featured on our editors’ blog where you can win a copy of a poetry book. All that you need to do is comment on the blog post. No purchase required. Reading good poetry helps one write good poetry. And if you aren’t a poet, reading good anything will help you write anything better.

Thanks! Questions / Comments / Love Letters can be directed to :

Open Submission Period Announced!

Gigantic Sequins is looking to print your best poetry, fiction, essays and visual art. The following Submission Guidelines and our reading periods can always be found on the sidebar to the right.

Our reading periods are:

March 1 – June 30 (Fall)

September 1 – December 31 (Spring)

Please send work to as an Microsoft Word document. If you don’t have access to Microsoft Word, please copy and paste your work into the body of the email, but beware that your formatting may not transfer.

All genres are accepted, but please specify what genre you’re writing in. If you invented this genre, name it. When we say all genres, we mean the following and more: poetry, fiction, cultural essays, comics, short shorts, prose poems, other hybrid genres, excerpts from screenplays, novels, novellas, your-genre-here, etc.

Do not forget to include your current contact information: name, address, email, and phone number in the body of your email.

If you are submitting the same piece to other magazines, we will consider it, but do let us know if it gets accepted to the other magazine first.

There is a 15 page or 5000 word maximum for each piece (double or 1.5 spaced). Please only send up to five (5) works per submission period.

Gigantic Sequins will be available only in print.

We also feature visual art in our magazine. We only print in black & white as of now. Please take this into consideration before submitting your art to us. However, please submit your art to us. We do not accept photography as of now. Please send your art as an email attachment, specifying the genre of your work. Also please include your contact information. You may send your art to:

Thank you!