2018 will mark the fourth annual Teen Sequins feature! Every year, we’ve worked to expand our scope to reach more and more teens who might be interested, and that means doing a lot of outreach. After three seasons of outreach, we’ve learned a big lesson: we need help!
We’re looking for an Editorial Assistant to join the Teen Sequins team! The ideal person is someone outgoing and familiar/networked with various types of literary communities, who believes in our mission and can invest themselves in spreading the word about our annual feature! ( And even if you don’t meet that “ideal” that doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t apply!)
The primary responsibilities of the Editorial Assistant will be organizational and promotional, but this isn’t just behind-the-scenes work – we’ll also count on you to be a great public spokesperson for Teen Sequins, and to bring your own experience as a teen writer to the table.
This gig is open to anyone over age 15 ! The very basic requirement is someone active on multiple social media platforms (Twitter is a must, at the very least) and very comfortable corresponding with new people! And, of course, is detail-oriented and poetry-loving!
What’s in it for you? A place on our masthead, the Gigantic Sequins blog as an occasional platform for your thoughts, and our eternal gratitude! This isn’t a paid position – nobody associated with Gigantic Sequins or Teen Sequins has a paid position. We also have no submission fees & probably run the cheapest contests around ( $5! We’ve got one open right now, in fact). After spending nearly a decade in a variety of unpaid positions at Gigantic Sequins (as Poetry Editor from 2010-2015, and now as Teen Sequins co-editor, along with Robby Auld), I’ll say that my experience has been 100% invaluable, and yours might be too.
Teen Sequins is a project born out of my long relationship with Robby, our respect for one another as poets, and our desire to see teen poets held up in the literary community. If you don’t already know the origin story of Teen Sequins, you can read about it here, in our first post from 2015.  We’re hoping to find someone who can be as committed to this project as we are!
To APPLY: Email me at sophie.klahr@gmail.com for the nitty-gritty on this position,. Please include a bit about yourself (any previous experience with literary journals, etc.), along with your Twitter handle.  We’re looking to fill this position ASAP !
Sincerely, and fondly, and all that jazz,