Please visit  the *NEW* Gigantic Sequins shop to purchase a copy/copies of Gigantic Sequins via Square Market.

Via our submittable account, you can buy a *discounted* subscription if you’ve submitted work to Gigantic Sequins within the past 6 months.

Buy/Browse Gigantic Sequins at the following locations:

(stores listed in BOLD now have our 4.2 issue)

bluestockings | 172 Allen St. New York, NY | bluestockings.com

Brazos  |  2421 Bissonnet Houston, TX  |  www.brazosbookstore.com

Caliban Books  |  410 South Craig St. Pittsburgh, PA  |  www.calibanbooks.com

Country Bookshelf  |  28 W Main St. Bozeman, MT  |  countrybookshelf.com

Green Apple Books  |  506 Clement St. San Fran, CA  |  greenapplebooks.com

Kaboom Books  |  3116 Houston Ave. Houston, TX  |  www.kaboombooks.com

Maple Street Book Shop  |  7523 Maple St. New Orleans, LA  |  maplestreetbookshop.com

Needles & Pens  |  3253 16th St. San Francisco, CA  |  www.needles-pens.com

Penn Book Center  |  130 S. 34th St. Philly, PA  |  pennbookcenter.com

Quimby’s  |  1854 W. North Ave. Chicago, IL  |  www.quimbys.com

St. Mark’s Bookshop | 31 3rd Ave. New York, NY  |  www.stmarksbookshop.com

Trident Booksellers  | 338 Newbury St. Boston, MA  |  tridentbookscafe.com

Wooden Shoe Books  |  704 South St. Philly, PA  |  woodenshoebooks.com

Word Up Books  |  2113 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY  |  wordupbooks.wordpress.com/

Would your bookstore like to carry Gigantic Sequins? Do you know a cool neighborhood bookstore where GS should be available? Send an email to giganticsequins [AT] gmail [DOT] com with the subject heading Bookstore Query, and we’ll work it out!

Stores that carry/ied past issues of GS:

Brickbat Books // Philly, PA

Flying Object // Hadley, MA

If none of these options work for you & you’re still interested in purchasing our journal, email us at giganticsequins AT gmail DOT com, and we’ll figure something out.


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