August 2013

Kimberly Bruss (4.2) has a poem in the Nashville Review.

Jim Daniels (2.2) has a book Birth Marks forthcoming from BOAeditions.

Meghan Privitello (3.2) has a poem at Verse Daily.

Kimberly Grey (3.1) has a poem at The Harlequin.

Jim Daniels (2.2) had his poem featured on Writer’s Almanac and read by Garrison Keillor.

Éireann Lorsung (4.1) was written up by MPR Press.

Noelle Kocot (4.2) is in the forthcoming Best American Poetry 2013, guest edited by Denise Duhamel. She also has two poems at Yalobusha review.

Two GS poets from issue 3.2 are Ruth Lilly Finalists! Congrats Jane Wong & Meghan Privitello!

Candice Wuehle (3.1) has a title forthcoming from Dancing Girl Press: cursewords: a manual in 19 steps for aspiring transmographs. She is currently an MFA candidate at the Iowa Writer’s Workshop.

Karissa Morton (4.1) has a poem up at the Paris-American.

Poet Nick Sturm (3.2) has a poem up at PEN America. His book How We Light (H_NGM_N Books, 2013)  also is out.

2 GS poets–Ben Fama (1.1) & Gina Abelkop (3.2)–made the Flavorwire list of the “23 People Who Will Make You Care About Poetry in 2013“.

Jakob Van Lammeren (3.2) has a band you should listen to. B.A. Crumm (4.1) has one too.

This summer, shoney lamar (1.1) put out a new album with his band gunn munny.

Chris Peck (1.1performs as Peck at Pianos upstairs Wed. 8/21 @ 7pm.

Éireann Lorsung (4.1) is still on her summer book tour. Go hear her read in the U.S. while you still can. Tour dates here.

Chrissy Friedlander (3.1) is part of this group of Minneapolis women poets, OUR FLOW IS HARD.

Howie Good (2.1) has work in the Dressing Room Journal and Chicago Literati.

Lucrecia Zappi (1.2) is featured in this Spanish-language article! (If we could read Spanish, we would tell you more about it, but…)

Kathleen Rooney (1.2)  has a chapbook forthcoming, co-written with Elisa Gabbert, The Kind of Beauty That Has Nowhere to Go (Hyacinth Girl Press, 2013).

This issue of diagram features work by Meghan L.Dowling (4.2) and the new issue of Broad! features her art.

GS Non-fiction editor/resident dweeb, Ian Carlos Crawford, answers an age old question for GeeksOut … “Could a Buffy Movie Work?

Half of our editors are proud EmersonAlumni. Emerson College was voted the #1 LGBT-friendly college in the US! Cool!