February 2014

Kimberly Grey (3.1) has two poems in the latest A Public Space.

Adam Moorad (2.1) has work in Redacted Story.

You can now pre-order Every Kiss is a War, stories by Leesa Cross-Smith (4.2) from Mojave River Press.

Jane Wong (3.2) has a review of Brian Komei’s Topaz up at Warscapes.

Kathleen Rooney (1.2) has her forthcoming novel O, Democracy! reviewed at TNBCC.

J.E. Reich (3.2) has a piece at Lilith Magazine called “Survivors and Liberators, Liberators, and Survivors

Jordan Sanderson (4.2) has two poems up at Pantheon Magazine.

Brian Warfield (3.2) gives summaries of the New York Times Bestsellers list, based on their titles, over at Fanzine.

Noelle Kocot (4.2) has her poetry collection Soul in Space reviewed in The Hype Critic and the Philadelphia Review of Books.

Angela Readman (4.1) writes an open letter to Morrissey for Oh Comely.

Issue 9 of Birdfeast features Jane Wong (3.2) and Matthew Mahaney (3.2)

Nik de Dominic (4.2) has a poem up at Thermos.