January 2014

Corey Zeller (5.1) was named a First Book Ninja by The The Poetry and also had the number one bestselling poetry book Man Vs. Sky in December 2013 at SPD.

Vote for artist Jennifer Maidment (2.2) to win the Signature Art Prize People’s Choice Award by “liking” her painting on facebook!

Pablo Piñero Stillmann (5.1) has a story out in Metazen.

Angela Readman (4.1) won the Costa Short Story Award for 2013!

Rebecca Hazelton (4.1) has a poem at Tupelo Quarterly.

Amanda Auchter (3.1) has two poems up at Mad Hatter’s Review.

Matthew Siegel (2.2) won the Felix Pollak Prize in Poetry from the University of Wisconsin.

First Annual poetry contest judge Nick Flynn has a poem at the Ampersand Review.

The Literary Orphans Year One Best Of Anthology features Len Kuntz (2.2), Leesa Cross-Smith (4.2), and Howie Good (2.1).

Leesa Cross-Smith (4.2) has three pieces up at Counterexample Poetics.

Caketrain issue 11 features Matthew Mahaney (3.2) and Meghan Privitello (3.2).

Leigh Alexander (1.2) has an eBook Breathing Machine: a Memoir of Computers (Thought Catalog) scheduled to drop 1/22.

J.E. Reich (3.2) has a new essay in The New York Blueprint.

William VanDenBerg (4.1) has a story in The Collagist’s latest issue. He also has a great song list of Book Notes up at Largehearted boy for his book Lake of Earth (Caketrain, 2013).

Looking to set up a book tour? First Annual poetry contest winner Éireann Lorsung (4.1) has a great post up about doing just that. She also has a poem up at Verse Daily.

Second Annual flash fiction contest judge Lauren Grodstein has her latest novel The Explanation for Everything on this Chicago Tribune best books of 2013 list.

Recours au Poeme recently reprinted a great poem by Noelle Kocot (4.2).

Ben Fama (1.1) has a poem named one of the top 20 of 2013 by the Boston Review.

EIC Kimberly Ann Southwick has a review of Edward Mullany’s Figures for an Apocalypse (Publishing Genius, 2013) up at Sundog Lit. Also at Sundog Lit, a review of the latest novel by Ben Tanzer (5.1), Orphans.

Check out GS poets Wendy Xu (3.2) & Noelle Kocot (4.2) in the latest Eleven Eleven.