July 2013

Brian Warfield (3.2) has an excerpt from his novella-in-progress at Hobart.

Meghan L. Dowling (4.2) has a poem  at Diagram.

Doug Paul Case (4.2) has poems in Salt Hill 31.

Artist Jennifer Maidment (2.2) has a special going on via her website called Surprise Picture Post.

Ian Carlos Crawford (GS Non-fiction Editor) is now a writer at Geeks Out! Read his posts about the new Boxtrolls trailer and the possibility of a gay spiderman.

Doug Paul Case (4.2) & Cassandra Gillig participated in a crowd-sourced interview with Steve Roggenbuck over at Thought Catalog.

J.E. Reich (3.2) has a provocative piece at Though Catalog called “‘Trayvoning’ & the Misuse of the Black Body“.

Laura Goode (3.1)  talks with Meera Menon about the film they co-wrote and made Farah Goes Bang and life and art in general over at the Believer Logger.

NYC’s 7th Annual Welcme to Boog City Festival will feature readings from Amelia Bentley (4.1), Toby Altman (3.2 & 4.1), and our EIC, Kimberly Ann Southwick. A play by Ken Taylor (3.1), “24 Hour Donut” will be performed at the Festival. Dig the full schedule here.

Toby Altman (3.2 & 4.1) will be reading in Philadelphia on 8/10 at the Penn Book Center.

1st Annual Contest winner Eireann Lorsung (4.1) is reading in Philly on 8/5 at Big Blue Marble.

Kimberly Grey (3.1) has a poem with Cellpoems,  a journal distributed via text message.

Amelia Bentley (4.1) has a poem in Apiary 6.

Kathleen Rooney (1.2) co-wrote a poem with Elisa Gabbert up at The Toast. She was also interviewed with Rose Metal Press co-founder Abby Beckel at the Ilanot Review.

Joseph Calavenna (2.2) has four poems with Painted Bride Quarterly.

Carrie Murphy (3.1)  has a poem in ILK and also talks about “6 Awesome Subreddits for Women” at Bustle.

Rebecca Hazelton (4.1) has a poem in the Summer 2013 Country Dog Review.

Issue 4 of Squalorly has work by Leesa Cross Smith (4.2), Brandi Wells (4.1), and 1st annual flash fiction contest winner Justin L. Daugherty (4.1).

At the New York City Poetry Festival 7/27-7/28, Adam Atkinson (2.2) & Anne Marie Rooney (2.1) read for Line Assembly, and Ben Fama (1.1) reads for Gigantic.

A chapbook by F. Daniel Rzicznek (2.1) “Nag Champa in the Rain” is a finalist in the Phantom Limb 2012-2013 Open Chapbook Contest.

Our EIC has a new personal website: kimberlyannsouthwick.com

Nick Sturm (3.2) is in the new Phantom Limb and has a book out with H_NGM_N. Catch him promoting his new book in a city near you on his Finally Be Friends tour, where Wendy Xu (3.2) & others will read alongside Nick.

Thea Siranian (1.1) is a 2013 Pangaea Prize finalist.

Howie Good (2.1) has two prose poems up at Chicago Literati and one at Dressing Room Journal.

Meghan L. Dowling (4.2) has art in the latest Broad!